Vitabrid C12 Skincare Range

IMG_8746Today’s post is all about the Vitabrid C12 skincare especially designed for acne prone skin. The brand keeps the Vitamin C in the powder form inorder maintain its effectiveness and for better results.

Face Brightening Powder :

This power helps your skin look brighter and revitalised. It continuously releases vitamin C into the skin for over 12 hours to help the skin look firmer, healthier, brighter and revitalised while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitabrid CG, our patented key ingredient, continuously releases active vitamin C into the skin for over 12 hours.

Put some serum or moisturiser into your palm. Add face brightening powder. Mix them together and apply all over the face & neck. apply morning and evening. AED 232.IMG_8747Spot Sensitive Solution :

As you can see it comes as a set of (1.2g) powder with 10ml Ampoule. The Spot range of products are specially formulated to safely deal sensitive skin with acne issues. The Spot powder delivers active vitamin C deep into the skin to effectively clear and repair your skin. Mix an appropriate amount of powder with 2 drop of solution and apply over the troubled areas. I use it once a day during night. This will the best alternative for those who are sensitive to salicylic acid. It costs AED 150.IMG_8765Spot Essence :

The Essence comes in a tube, looks clear and has a slight floral scent. It contains Tea tree extract, lavender flower extract, peppermint leaf extract, chamomile leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, Rose flower oil. I use it in the morning as a moisturiser as it leaves a matt finish, doesn’t make my face look oily still hydrates well or use it in the night mixed with the face brightening powder. It costs AED 112.

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