Defining Eyes with Gosh Products

IMG_0989Some of the Eye products I have been loving the perfume and paraben free brand Gosh!

IMG_5218Metal Eyes :

These liners have a waterproof, silky, soft and creamy texture, that allows for optimal playtime and blending. Always blend and smudge before the product sets on the lid. It is also suitable on the waterline, and can be used around the edge of the eye with a thin or bold line. It does have a metallic effect, pigmented and doesn’t transfer.

Slanted Pro Liner :

It is extremely waterproof, don’t transfer and lasts for a really long time. It is an intense black liquid eye liner with a slanted applicator that makes it quick and easy to apply. It is ideal for creating a winged cat eye look or for creating thin, bold, straight and curved lines, slanted pro liner has an excellent and even colour pay offIMG_5026Blown Away Mascara :

It offers extreme volume and maximum definition in a few strokes. It lasts throughout the day without any rub off or flaking. It provides volume to the lashes with a fantastic even build up without clumping.

It does have a 2 in 1 brush, closed placed bristles on one side (which adds volume) and bristles placed in some distance in straight line on another side (which separates the lashes).IMG_5028Fake It Lash Primer :

It is a nourishing primer for the lashes, it helps to lift and separate the eye lashes. It makes them look stronger, longer and fuller. It is a grey primer, which makes the application easy leaving no residue to affect the colour of the mascara. Think of this lash primer as a base coat under the mascara that works to volumes the natural lashes and makes the mascara last longer.IMG_5027Catchy Eyes Mascara :

It provides curved and cat eye effect to the lashes. The fantastic rubber brush makes the application smooth and easy and separates the lashes delicately. It also has a curve effect that will appear after one or two strokes. The waterproof formula ensures a totally smudge free look whatever the weather. That is why it is perfect for sports or a dip in the pool.

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