B’atude Skincare Products

IMG_7044I love trying new brands especially when it’s free from harmful chemicals. Today’s post is about this cruelty free brand and free from parabens, sls, silicon, paraffin, gmo & metals.

Eye Contour Cream :

The eye cream comes in an 30ml airless bottle, looks half white in colour, creamy consistency and has a light scent to it. You will need a very little amount every time and it contains green tea, argan oil, shea butter. I have finished half of the bottle now and it has definitely made a huge difference in my dark circles by reducing them. It costs AED 135.

IMG_5032Organic Body Lotion :

It comes in a 200ml plastic tube, has creamy consistency, has a nice rose fragrance. It does contains green tea, shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil in it, all these ingredients keep the skin moisturised and nourished all the day long. It costs AED 95.

Organic Massage Gel :

It comes in a 150ml plastic tube, looks like a clear gel but once started massaging it turns like oil. It does have jojoba oil in it that makes it perfect for dehydrated, dry skin that needs elasticity, leaves the skin soft and healthy. It costs AED 110.

Batude products are available online at Basharacare.

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