KION Anti-Ageing Clay Mask

IMG_4603A Clay mask that doesn’t make your skin dry still detoxifies your skin!

KION is an Brazilian brand which I found when I went to this year’s Beauty World Middle East. This brand has so many amazing products and the Man in the counter was kind enough to explain me about most of the products. Unfortunately everything was out of stock since I have gone there the last day, so I only picked out this clay mask.

There was only very very few skincare brands available in the Brazilian Pavilion, Brazil is actually very well known for the haircare products. I got many haircare products also, This is the only skincare product I could get from there.IMG_4604The mask comes in a very hard glass pot (60g) with a plastic lid. It does contains Red clay, looks dark brick Red in color, has a thick paste like consistency and a smooth texture. It almost feels like spreading a cream on the skin. I use it like once or twice a week and leave it on the face for 15 to 20 mins and then wash off. It will not dry like other clay masks, feels like washing off some cream from the face. It can be used even by the people with dry skin, as it contains vitamin E oil, it leaves the skin very moisturised, soft and supple. Such a great find to detoxifying the skin and makes it look radiant.

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