Izil Beauty Green Tea Face Mask – Review

Have you ever heard of this natural skincare brand “Izil Beauty” with special blends of Moroccon organic plant extracts, herbs and essential oils?

If not, You are missing an amazing skincare brand. All of their products are formulated without Harmful chemicals, Synthetic preservatives and parabens. I already reviewed two of their products here – Izil Beauty Review.

Today’s post is about their Green Tea Anti Oxidant Face Mask, It comes in a hard glass jar with a gold colour lid. The mask looks white in colour, has a noticeable scent(gives a spa feeling) and has a clay mask consistency, easy to spread. The key ingredients are Argan oil (A great moisturiser, reduce acne and acne scars) , Green tea (has anti ageing and anti oxidant properties) and White clay (reduce excess oil and mildly exfoliates skin). IMG_E0988I use the mask once a week, spread a thin layer on the face, leave it on for like 20 mins and then wash off. It removes excess oil, detoxifies and leaves the skin bright and soft. Now the mask is finished, definitely with continuous usage, it helped in even toning my skin too. If you suffering with congested skin and looking for a natural face mask to help, I would suggest this one. You find the products here in their Website – Izil Beauty.


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