5 Alpha Control range from Leegeehaam Skincare

IMG_7593Here’s the perfect solution for your shiny and oily skin!

The range is named after a hormone called “5 Alpha Reductase,” which causes abnormal sebum production if imbalanced. This mineral oil free range not only removes the unnecessary sebum but at the same time, soothes skin from inflammation to relieve skin trouble, leaving it healthy and refined.

5 Alpha Control Skin :

In Korea they mention Toner as “Skin”. The toner just looks like water and have mild fragrance. I just take 3 pumps in a cotton pad and apply all over the face after cleansing. It keeps the skin balanced, matte and helps effective absorption of the next product.

5 Alpha Control Emulsion :

The next one is the serum which is the most important part of my skincare routine. This very lightweight serum looks white in colour and has mild fragrance. It contains a high concentration of Sepicontrol A5 which is the key ingredient for shine control, to soothe and balance acne, oily skin.

After every use it leaves the skin mattified and the hyaluronic acid in it keeps the skin hydrated very well. If you love lightweight serums, this is the next one you should check out.

5 Alpha Control Cream :

This is my very favourite moisturiser because of it’s lightweight texture. I use it every morning after my serum or just on it’s own. It would be a great moisturiser if you have inflammation, it will just sink into the skin, keeps it hydrated, calm and less oily. It does have a very light fragrance to it like the other two products and that fades away after.IMG_7599

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