La Parisienne Collection by At First Sight Lashes

IMG_4071The recent “La Parisienne Collection” by At First Sight Lashes.

Long Fluttery lashes, in luxurious natural fibres. Handcrafted with precision coming together with all the passion and sensuality of a Parisian night in new La Parisienne collection by Apres-Vous, the french makeup atelier based in Dubai.IMG_4072The four piece La Parisienne range pays homage to France’s iconic femme fatales, with innate style and just a hint of pure indulgence. Each False lash in the range is made from cruelty free pure mink hair, with two designs sporting an ultra-discrete transparent band, and two styles affixed to a comfortable cotton band.

La Parisienne offers four distinct lash looks, inspired by four different type of women. Feather light, wonderfully luxurious and handcrafted, they are perfect lashes for bold, beautiful eyes.IMG_4077You got this!

Timide is the lightest of the collection. Made from 100% cruelty free mink, the lashes have an invisible band for a totally natural and utterly flawless finish. Adorable and delicate, this is a must have in every girl’s collection, adding beautiful fullness and length.

Sometimes less is more!

Chic is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. With a unique criss-cross pattern, the lash blends seamlessly with the weaver’s own natural hairs to give an effortlessly flawless finish.

Because confidence looks good on you!

Plume is a bombshell design, dramatic yet perfectly wearable. This unique mink lash is comfortable, lightweight and affixes to the lash line with an invisible band.

The ultra black fibres vary in length to create a seductive, voluptuous finish.

You are it!

Cherie adds subtle length and curl for any eye shape. Ideal for everyday wear. Cherie imparts a touch of Riviera glamour and luxe sophistication.IMG_4078At First Sight Lashes are available at Sivvi online.IMG_4079In the above picture, another glamorous pair of lashes from At First Sight Lashes.

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