Coco Flamingo Range of Body Products

IMG_5508Boots Middle East has recently launched the “Coco Flamingo” range of body products by the brand called Inecto, a British skincare brand dedicated to harnessing the goodness of natural ingredients to cleanse, smooth and shine.

This new range offers pampering products from head to toe with a super creamy body wash, brilliant body polish, silky smooth body lotion, moisturising body oil and fabulous hand & nail cream.

Body Polish :

Polish away those pesky dry bits to reveal gloriously smooth skin with this brilliant body polish. Infused with organic coconut oil, this natural scrub will give your skin the oomph it needs when things are starting to look a little dull.

Massage on to towel damp skin for the most fabulous way to exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid face and sensitive areas. It costs AED 40(for 150ml).

Body Wash :

With this super creamy body wash, Say hello to the smooth and moisturised skin that’s delicately scented with summer memories. It costs AED 35(for 500ml).

Body Lotion :

The lotion is enriched with organic coconut oil which keeps the skin soft and moisturised. It looks white in colour and have a thick consistency, you will need a small amount to achieve the velvety smooth skin. It costs AED 40(for 250ml).

Body Oil :

This clear looking light weight body oil that can be easily sprayed on the body for the smoother skin. It costs AED 45(for 200ml).

Hand & Nail Cream :

The cream looks white in colour and also light weight that gets easily absorbed into the skin feeling fabulous. It costs AED 25(for 75ml).

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