Natural Skincare Products From Bubble Farm

IMG_4152As a south Indian girl, I have always been told to use natural homemade skincare masks for the better skin. I fail to do that out of laziness. But I am so glad I found this skincare brand which is homemade with only natural products!

After reviewing a couple of Bubble Farm products last year, I understood that a lot of people interested in that brand by looking at the post views (In case If you want to check it out, here’s the direct link to the post – Bubble Farm)  and from the search terms everyday. So here I am with more products from them.

Kaolin Clay Cleanser/Mask :

The mask comes in a (200 g) hard glass container, looks light grey in colour and smells nice too, think it’s the lavender oil smell. It contains Oats (has anti oxidant properties, reduce inflammation), Kaolin Clay (cleanses skin and absorbs excess oil, dirt), Lavender Essential oil (reduces wrinkles, acne, inflammation).

Since it is a clay based mask, I use it once in a week. Take a small amount, mix it with water or green tea or herbal tea, make it as a paste and massage all over the face & neck for 2 minutes. Then I leave it for 5 minutes as a mask. It cleanse, detoxifies, heals the skin with all the amazing natural ingredients. After washing it off, My skin felt fresh, glowy and clean. It costs Rs 300.IMG_4409Aloe Moisturizer :

This is my very favourite product from this brand because its always easy to find natural face masks but too hard for me to find moisturisers with natural ingredients, Thats the important part after face masks.

Their Aloe vera moisturiser comes in a hard glass jar, looks white in colour, has a gel texture, get absorbs easily. It consists of Aloe vera gel (lightens acne marks), Jojoba oil (anti inflammatory agent, soothes irritated skin), Almond oil (promotes glowing, acne free skin), Beeswax (forms a protective barrier that helps protect the skin from environmental damages, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness).

I use this moisturiser after face masks, after my serum, under makeup, whenever my skin needs hydration. It moisturises, hydrates, soothes inflammation, heals dry and flaky skin. It costs Rs 315.

Skin Glow Scrub/Mask :

This 2 in 1 scrub and mask comes in a (200g) glass container (I already finished more than half of the jar). It comes in a powdery form, has the natural smell of the ingredients. I am obsessed with this mask because it helps in removing the dead skin, black heads, white heads and leaves your skin super soft.

I mix it with rose water, massage all over my face and neck for 2 to 3mins, leave it for 10 mins and then wash off. After every use my skin felt tightened and dry, so I use Aloe moisturiser for the rescue.

The ingredients are Brown rice (helps firming up your skin), flaxseed (Tightens skin and helps minimising pores), fuller’s earth (for glowing radiant skin), Kaolin clay (reduces excess oil), Oats (has anti oxidant properties, reduce inflammation), Turmeric and Besan. It costs Rs 350.

Anti Bacterial Face & Body Mask :

Then coming to the last product which is what you will need if you are struggling with face and body acne. The mask comes in a fine powdery form, has neem smell to it. It has Neem (treats acne and acne scars), Tulsi (helps with acne and acne scars), Red Sandalwood (improves uneven skin tone), Chickpea (brightens skin) in it.

With all the good natural ingredients, this mask has high anti inflammatory properties and helps remove bacteria and body odor. Ideal for people with skin allergies. It costs Rs 350.

You can order the products through their Instagram page – Bubble Farm ❤

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