Tan Removal Range from Himalaya Herbals

Beat the Unforgivable Summer Sun with Himalaya’s Tan Removal range, an exclusive range of products including, a facewash, scrub and peel-off mask, to reduce tan and cleanse skin.

The range is enriched with natural ingredients to fix all tan problems. The face wash, scrub and peel-off mask include Orange Peel extracts, a potent cleanser with citric properties that improves skin tone and texture.

The Tan Removal Orange Face Wash is a natural formula that deeply cleanses skin and helps reduce tan. It looks orange in colour, strong orange scent, has gel consistency like their neem face wash. The main ingredients are Orange Peel extract, Papain and Honey, with all these, it effectively removes dirt, improves skin tone and moisturizes skin. It can be used everyday. 100 ml tube costs Rs 130.

Coming to the second step, The Tan Removal Orange Face Scrub consists of a powerful combination of Orange Peel extracts, Papain and Oatmeal. Together they help the process of natural skin toning, effective exfoliation and moisturising. It looks white in colour with very small beads to exfoliate, has orangey scent. I use it twice a week, 100g tube costs Rs 135.

Final step, The Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask is an effective blend of the natural skin lightening extracts of Orange Peel and Honey which help reduce skin tan. It looks orange in colour like the face wash and has the orangey scent like the other two products. The Orange Peel works to control melanin synthesis, while Honey soothes and moisturizes skin. I use it once a week after the srub. The 100g tube costs Rs 130.

You can find Himalaya Herbals products at Major super markets and Pharmacies.


9 thoughts on “Tan Removal Range from Himalaya Herbals

  1. Hey Riya, I litrally just stalked your blog and all your reviews are really amazing and detailed. I love the himalaya herbal’s products and I will soon be reviewing skincare products on my blog as well it would mean the world to me if you would just look at my blog. Please like, comment or if you like then you can even follow me I am really new at this so thankyou for reading my comment


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