Alanna – Natural Skincare

IMG_0733Be naturally beautiful with Alanna skincare !

Alanna is a 100% natural/organic brand, handmade with no harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives to their products, also cruelty free. I have been trying these 2 products for more than two weeks and it’s time for the review.

Anti Blemish Scrub :IMG_0732The scrub comes in a 50g hard acrylic container with a golden colour lid. The packaging looked very neat and luxurious. The ingredients are Sulphur less Castor Sugar, Lemongrass Essential oil, green food color, coconut oil, sugar, olive oil. The scrub looks light green colour and possesses the natural smell of ingredients, some may don’t like the smell.

The Lemongrass oil has such great skin healing properties, It brightens, detoxifies the skin, reduce inflammation, has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. I use the scrub only once a week because I felt that the scrub is little harsh on my skin. It helps in even toning the skin, cleanse the pores and remove the dirt, dead skin. It costs Rs 200.

Activated Charcoal & Green Tea Soap :IMG_0734When it comes to skincare, green tea and charcoal are such great ingredients. Almost like magical ingredients for perfect skin. With the both ingredients in one product, I definitely  need to try it.

The main ingredients are coconut oil, caster oil, Rice bran oil, saponified oils of palm & palm kernel, essential oils of patchouli, peppermint, spearmint, dry green tea leaf powder, Cold Pressed coconut oil, Activated Charcoal.

The soap (100g) has a mild, natural smell of the ingredients and extremely gentle on the skin.  It’s effective in fighting acne and giving a blemish free skin with the two main ingredients – charcoal, which is a deep cleanser that absorbs oils & dirt and green tea, which has antibacterial properties that attack acne causing bacteria, besides reducing dark circles. With all the essential oils in the soap, you can really feeling the soothing effect it gives after every use.

You can find these products from their WebsiteEngrave

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