All Natural skincare products from Artisanal Skincare

IMG_0074Today’s all about pure, authentic skincare from the brand “Artisanal Skincare”.

Their skincare products are 100% natural, handmade, cruelty free and they produce them in small quantities and without any added preservatives. The products are made in a very traditional way and in powder form mostly, so there is no need to add any chemicals/preservatives to it. IMG_0077Holy Basil Cleansing and Toning Water :IMG_0079As the name says, Holy Basil (Tulsi) is the main ingredient of this toner which has anti bacterial properties. The packaging is pretty simple and neat, comes in a 100 ml brown plastic bottle with a black cap. I use the toner every day and night before my serum, You can also keep it in fridge before using. It has the natural tulsi smell which is so calming. The toner helps in absorbing excess oil, calms the irritation and also the anti bacterial properties of Tulsi helps in controlling & reducing acne. It costs Rs 500.IMG_0082Activated Charcoal & Green Tea Face Cleansing Powder :

The charcoal and green tea in it, makes this cleanser perfect for oily, acne prone skin. Since the charcoal is great at pulling out all the excess oil, bacteria and dirt which create skin problems. Green tea helps in treating acne and soothes the skin.

The other ingredients are Wild Turmeric (has antiseptic properties, great for acne prone skin), Chickpea Flour (natural face cleanser), Lemon (helps in even toning the skin). The cleanser comes in a 100 gm clear plastic tub with a black lid.

Take a spoon of the product and mix it water (or curd or rose water, whatever you prefer) to make a paste. Then massage gently like you use a cleanser or scrub. I usually leave it on for 2 minutes before washing. After that you can feel much clear and very soft skin. It costs Rs 650.IMG_0084Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Powder :

The cleanser comes in a 100 gm clear plastic tub with a black cap just like all their cleansers. The ingredients are Green Gram Powder (amazing cleanser), Neem (helps with acne issues), Rice Flour (helps in skin brightening), Basil (prevents acne), Orange Peels (gives glow to the skin), Kasthuri Munjal (has anti bacterial properties), Sandalwood (gives glowy, soft skin), Garbanzo Bean Flour (helps in skin brightening).

Usage is just same as the other cleanser, make it as a paste, massage and then wash off. The cleanser was so gentle yet cleanses the skin effectively without making it dry. This one is perfect for sensitive skin and It costs Rs 650.

I absolutely adore this brand for the purity and simplicity, My next target is their serums. You can find Artisanal Skincare products from their Website, Sublime Factory, Engrave, Flipkart, Amazon.

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