The New Only 1 Mattes from Rimmel

IMG_9660Yayyy! Rimmel came up with more colours of Only 1 matte Lipsticks!

Matte lipsticks that dry your lips are oh so yesterday! The Only 1 Matte Lipstick has a non-drying formula that is actually comfortable to wear. The lipstick is so moisturising, it glides on like a dream, without dragging the lips – you’ll love the luscious lightweight sensation. IMG_9658You can check out the old packaging of The Only 1 lipsticks here. The Lipstick pack has been given a sleek matte makeover this time. It comes in a red, matte finish packaging. To help find the shades, each pack has a ring of matte colour that matches the lipstick inside.IMG_9662Totally 10 new shades,

  • Nude/Brown – 700 Trendsetter, 750 Look Who’s Talking
  • Pink/Rose – 110 Leader of The Pink, 120 Call The Shots
  • Mauve Rose – 200 Salute, 610 High Flyer
  • Red – 500 Take The Stage
  • Coral/Orange – 600 Keep It Coral
  • Burgundy/ Plum – 800 Run The Show, 810 The Matte Factor

Rimmel has released these new shades last December.IMG_9664The shades are well pigmented, gives a better coverage with single sweep. Even though it says “matte lipstick”, I feel like its not completely dry off like a matte lipstick. It gives a slight satin finish but not glossy and all. The lipstick felt so light, doesn’t dry out  the lips and keeps it moisturised. It does transfer if you drink or eat something but fades off evenly. IMG_9668The Only 1 lipsticks costs 47 AED. You can find them at Lifestyle, Max, Boots and Carrefour.

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