Labello Neon Limited Edition Lip Balms

IMG_9754This new collection really glows up My vanity!IMG_9760I am a sucker for cute, colourful packaging and Labello got it right with their new Neon collection.IMG_9758This new Neon Collection is limited Edition, I don’t know how long this will be available in the market but I am sure this is not something You want to miss. IMG_9762It comes in a usual lip balm packaging with a colourful sheer cap and I am glad that it din’t come in a tub which I don’t like a lot. Also the most fun part is that these lip balms glow under the UV light, So cool right?!

I am sure that everyone used Labello Lip balms before or have one in their bag. These will keep your lips moisturised for a long time. IMG_9764It does have Shea butter in it so no more chapped lips. These lip balms doesn’t have or leave any colour on your lips.IMG_9766You can find Labello Lip balms in Carrefour, Major Super Markets.

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