Reverie Box

img_8820There is a good reason I suggest you to try this subscription box!img_9029After coming to India, I have started using more natural products and writing more about them too. So In that series, Reverie Box is my new find which is a subscription box that delivers only natural/organic products.

If you love natural products this will be a treat for you or If you want to start using natural products, this will be a great start to try and know about natural brands.img_8844The Box comes with a 5 full size natural products. You can also customise your box according to your skin type/concern, So there is no product can get wasted without using. The first product I tried is the Kumkumadi under eye cream from the brand called “Neev”.

It comes in a cute little glass tub, looks in light sandal colour and has the pleasant sandal wood smell. The consistency of the cream is very thick, A very little amount needed for every use. You have to warm it up between your fingers and then apply under the yes.  Otherwise it won’t go easily on your skin. It helps in brightening your under eye area and has the shelf life of 6 months.img_8846The next one is the Rose Facial Scrub from “Ma Earth Botanicals” which is a brand, free from artificial ingredients, fragrance, chemical preservatives, synthetic additives, SLES, parabens and sulphates.

It comes in a clear plastic tub with a black cap and smells like roses. Just mix rose water or milk with the required amount of scrub and gently massage in circular motion, also you can leave it on your skin for a minute before washing off. It cleanses and gently remove the dead skin.img_8848Coming to the best smelling soaps from “Soap Square” which is a herbal, handcrafted brand. I like these small size soaps since I don’t like to use a soap for a longer time. The main ingredients of these soaps are Red rose (anti inflammatory and anti bacterial) and French Lavender (helps with acne and eczema). Both of these soaps also have Shea butter in it, so it will moisturise your skin while cleansing it. img_8842Thai lemon Foot Cream from the Brand “Saint Pure”, honestly I haven’t heard about this brand before. But this is the one that gave me the softest feet. I use this cream after using my Bubble Farm Foot soak!img_8840The last product is the Body wash from “Ayca” which is a paraben and cruelty free luxury bath and body product brand. This mild foaming wash does smells just like Jasmines and definitely gives you a spa experience at home. This 200 ml bottle costs 875 Rs.

Reverie Box – Instagram and Website. Hope you guys liked the box and the post!

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