For the love of OPI Collection

IMG_9827A post For the love of OPI ❤

OPI has released some new shades in February for Valentine’s Day which is all about celebrating LOVE in all its different shapes so start with a hot pink that will put an end to these Shorts Story for you to be beautifully happy in that special day, Think in pink and love this pop!

If you still got the blues for the red, just put on a melodious blue-red to hit all the right notes!
IMG_9830Shade – Got the blues for Red.IMG_9834Shade – Shorts story.IMG_9836Shade – I think in Pink.

This collection includes:
Short story, a hot pink.
I think in Pink, a pale pink.
Got the blues for the red.

These OPI polishes costs AED 49 and available at Wojooh,, Sephora and all major nail Salons

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