Pampering Routine with Bubble Farm Products

img_9155Hello Lovlies! I am back again with more Natural products that basically sums up my weekend pampering routine.IMG_9340So Bubble Farm is a chennai based Organic/Natural brand for skincare products and now they came up with hair care products too. Also Everything is handmade!

I have totally tried 5 products from them, 2 face packs, a body scrub, a foot/body soak, a lip scrub. I am in totally love with their packaging, all of their products comes in a glass jars with a metal screw cap. IMG_9342So the first product and my favourite is Detox pack (200 gms of product costs 250 Rs), the powder is very fine and looks black in colour, has no smell. I use this mask every Sunday without fail! I take a glass bowl(don’t use metal bowl or spoons) and mix fresh aloe vera juice with the powder to make it as a paste, apply it all over the face and leave it for 15 mins. It is such a great mask for those with oily and problematic skin.

Bentonite clay in it helps in unclogging pores and detoxifying the skin, Activated charcoal helps to shrink pores and absorbs excess oil, Green tea helps in anti ageing.  IMG_9338Coming to the next product, Lip scrub (200 gms of product costs 200 Rs). It can be customised according to your likings. Take one part of scrub mix with two parts of coconut oil and scrub your lips in circular motion. I use this one whenever I am going to use matte lipsticks.

The scrub has the strong cinnamon scent but I totally love it. It helps in exfoliating the lips, remove dead skin. It has so many essential oils mixed with it, jojoba oil, rose oil, avocado oil, etc,.  It helps in preventing chapped lips and keep it moisturised and Cinnamon in it keep your lips plumped. IMG_9344Coming to the next face mask – The Brightening pack (200 gms of product cost 250 Rs), IMG_9346This is my Friday night mask, Take required quantity, make it as a paste by adding milk and apply it all over the face. It can also be mixed with lemon juice but I found it little harsh on my skin because of the Cinnamon in the pack.

 This mask really helped in brightening the skin because of the gram flour and lemon peel powder in it. Grounded oats in it helps in exfoliating your skin. The cinnamon and turmeric powder helps in treating acne. overall a great mask to get soft and even toned skin. IMG_9348Ok next is the Coffee coconut face/body scrub (200 gms of product costs 250 Rs). This also can be customised just like their lip scrub. The usage is also same like the lip scrub, Mix one part of scrub with two parts of coconut oil and massage in circular motion. The scrub smells so good like coffee and cinnamon, can be used 3 or 4 times a week.

Most of the times I use this scrub on my body than my face, the coffee ground in it helps in skin tightening and reducing cellulite (gawd! my main concern). The sugar exfoliates,  essential oils in it helps moisturising the skin so there is be no need of body butter after shower. This is what you will need for smoother and firmer skin.IMG_9350The final product is Body/Foot soak (200 gms of product costs 250 Rs). Take desired amount of product and add it in your tub of warm water.

It looks like lavender in colour and has a calming scent. Epsom salt in it relaxes body, relieves pain, The pink himalayan salt eliminates toxins from the body. I loved using as a foot soak which was so relaxing, it will get you to have the softest and odour free feet.

You can purchase their products from their Intsgram page – Bubble Farm. Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

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