Kama Ayurveda – Brand Experience

img_8690Recently I have been to the Kama Ayurveda store at the Phoenix Market city, Chennai to check out and try their products.If you already don’t know, Kama Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic brand started in 2002. Their products are 100% natural, vegan and not tested on animals. They are free from artificial colours, fragrance, petrochemicals, parabens, urea, propylene glycol or other harmful additives.img_8719This is my very first time with Kama Ayurveda products plus it’s natural, So I was very much excited to explore the brand. I was there in the store for more than one and half hours. There were so many amazing products but I am sharing my favourites here.

As you can see, the store was so beautiful with the marble top tables, black & white floor tiles, antique showcasing shelves and accessories.img_8741Obviously the first section I explored is the Skincare. Being an Ayurvedic brand, they use traditional Ayurvedic recipes to create their product. And also they don’t sell different different product for every skin types. They had one face cleanser, one face scrub, one serum, one night cream.img_8723They had 5 toners/face mists – Pure Rosewater, Pure Vetiver water, Pure Mogra(Jasmin) water,  Pure Lavender water, Pure Aloe Vera juice.img_8725They had an amazing range of gift boxes, the packaging were so cute(you can see the first picture) and also you can also customise you gift sets according to the needs. The above one is the Anti Acne gift set which also contains the Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack (Elle Award winner) – one of the famous products from Kama Ayurveda, helps to treat pimple and remove acne scars. img_8727The above one is a basic gift set contains all the products for a perfect skincare routine – Scrub, Cleanser, toner, face cream, night cream, Kumkumadi Serum which is my favourite of all, an all rounder to have better skin, it get absorbed into the skin so quickly and won’t feel greasy afterwards.img_8708Some of the other gift sets:img_8709img_8711 img_8713Another section of the store(above picture),you can find all the essential oils, candles, gift sets and soaps. img_8712img_8710Special gift hamper for Holi (above picture)img_8733Essential oils squad in a total of 13, they can be used in a diffuser, also for you skin and hair too. Each one costs Rs 550, my favourite is the Tea tree essential which is an absolute must have if you have acne prone skin.img_8735They have a small section for candles, there were 4 or 5. But all of them smells so good and natural. These candles are handmade and made of soy wax. img_8717Haircare Section – It’s a habit from childhood that I mostly use oils or homemade recipes to take care my hair. Especially these Ayurvedic hair oils work wonders. They also had shampoos, conditioners, (Kesini) herbal hair wash powder absolutely free from parabens and harmful chemicals. img_8729The staff mentioned that their Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil is a star product for hair fall control and won many awards too.img_8731Haircare hamper(above picture)img_8737Some of my favourites from the Body care section – Natural Vetiver(herb) Loofah, Ubtan soap free body cleanser, Kokum & almond body butter.img_8745Organic cold pressed oil, The Neem oil is the best for acne prone skin as it has anti bacterial properties. It can be used by mixing with your serum.img_8739They also have pain relief balms. img_8715Small area for skin consulting 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed visiting the store ❤ I highly suggest you to visit your nearest store or their website and shop affordable natural skincare products.

P.S. They do ship Internationally.

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