Nayomi Beauty Salon Dubai

img_6149Hey Guys! It’s been a long time, I know. I am crazy busy with my life right now. So many changes ( good and bad 😉 ) in life, will let you guys know very soon. Now am back with another blog post to share my recent hair treatment done at Naomi Beauty Salon.img_6139As far as I know, Naomi beauty salon has 6 branches in UAE. The Branch I visited is the Ajman one which is exactly located at city life Ajman.

I have to talk about the interiors first of all. OMG! Everything was so pink and girly. Next their staffs, most friendliest people.  Facial Room (above picture)img_6142img_6135img_6144So I wanted to do something that improves the quality and texture of my hair. I was not sure whether to choose keratin treatment or botox treatment. Then the staff helped me explaining the difference.

Since I haven’t done anything to my hair in the past (except haircuts), I was little worried that my hair is getting exposed to chemicals for the first time. Keratin is done by using chemicals, as it is not recommended to pregnant women and the botox is more of a natural option, anyone can do it their hair which is so safe, she explained.img_6513img_6150The treatment took 2 hours to get finished. From washing the hair, botox treatment to straightening at the end. My hair has become more managable now, what I loved more is that the treatment didn’t make my hair too straight. My hair is now wavy, frizz free and looks good without straightening. 
Some restrictions are there too to maintain the treatment for at least 3 months. They suggested a shampoo and a mask to use which is paraben and chemical free. I didn’t buy it since I use only chemical free shampoo and homemade masks already. and You should not use coconut or any kind of oil but serums can be used.img_6121The picture of Before and After the botox treatment ❤ Hope you lovelies enjoyed today’s post, I will be back very soon with another post 🙂

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