Mad Lashes Launches Exclusively at Paris Gallery

Recently I have been to the launch of Mad Cosmetics in Paris Gallery, the event took place in Paris Gallery, Dubai Mall.

Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, announced the launch of MadCosmetics, a brand whose products are known for quality, attention to detail, and competitive pricing. Now, for the very first time, MadCosmetics brands such as MadLashes and MadBrushes are available in the UAE, exclusively at Paris Gallery. MadCosmetics offers products which complete grooming for women. It presents products for all occasions that help beautify and add glamour. The flagship brand of MadCosmetics

MadLashes features a collection of hand-made products using 100% human hair that can be used up to 25 times. Its products are exquisitely shaped with an extremely beautiful and natural look, helping create that look that everyone desires. The exclusive 3D Mink Edition, a favourite among women in the GCC, is made from 100% Mink hair and can be used up to 50 times. MadBrushes, another subsidiary brand of MadCosmetics, features a full range of hand-made makeup brushes made of 100% certified goat hair. High-quality bristles allows for perfect face and body application.

Initially created for GCC women, MadCosmetics now appeals to women around the world, thanks to its affordable luxury. It has become the talk of all beauty lovers in the region.
MadCosmetics was founded in 2014, it was established to offer unique cosmetics at affordable prices. After doing an extensive research on the current market demands in the world of cosmetics, MadCosmetics sets itself apart from other brands for the meticulous attention it gives to product details and the high-quality elements it uses in the creation of its products. MadCosmetics is available in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and now in the UAE.


Mad Lashes in “Loony” (above picture)

Range of MadLashes products:

  • 100% human hair range:
    Loco, Crazy, Raving, Nutty, Looney, Psychotic, Manic, Wacko, Dippy, Lunatic
  • Mink Edition : Dotty, Gaga, Batty

MAD Glue
Fast drying and waterproof lash adhesive.

Range of MadBrushes products:

Powder brush, Angled contour brush, Flat top brush, Flat foundation brush, Round blending brush, Medium eyeshadow brush, Flat Definer, Eyeliner, Concealer brush, Remove lip brush, Angle eyeliner, Medium fan brush, Bullet eyeshadow sponge Stick, Eyebrow and lash brush comb, Straight and sharp contour brush, Round brush


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