Trying SENSAI Products


Recently I have got some mini’s from a High end Japanese skincare brand called “SENSAI”, since their cellular performance day cream has a lot of good reviews. The brand mainly focus on anti ageing.

Cellular Performance Day Cream :

SENSAI uses natural ingredients in the products along with their secret ingredient “Koishimaru Silk Extract”, the CP Day Cream protects skin from external aggressions and tackles five major skincare ageing concerns – dryness, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.


The cream has a very light creamy texture and looks peachy in colour. It comes with a SPF of 25, It has fresh Fruity top notes, floral middle notes and musky last notes — mentioned as their unique uplifting aroma (P.S. I loved it). The main ingredients are Koishimaru silk extract, Green tea extract, White mustard seed extract, yeast extract.

The yeast extract and white mustard seed extract, both of which help preserve the levels of ‘stress-defence protein’ that naturally exists in the skin’s cells. Mustard Seeds are very rich in phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants; also contains sulphur which is known to help against skin infections.

Then Green Tea Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant. Using the premium Koishimaru Silk, which is not only a source of silk but also a hyaluronic acid synthesis promoter. I actually under estimated this small tube of magic until I saw results. I have been using it for 2 weeks now, My skin feels so soft and radiant, a way more better than before. A 50ml tube costs AED 540. If you are above 30 and looking for higend anti ageing products with not much chemicals, I definitely suggest you to check them out. Get a sample at least!

Body Firming Lotion :IMG_4674

This velvety emulsion softens and firms areas prone to slackness, including thighs, arms, hip and waist which is Imbued with a relaxing oriental fragrance. I used it every night on my thighs.

It comes in a transparent glass bottle with a pump and grey cap. The Emulsion looks white in colour and has a very light weight creamy texture. I used its for 2 weeks now, I didn’t see a drastic change or anything. The day cream was a magic but I think I have to give still more time for this body lotion. I haven’t exercised for the past two weeks, Mistake is on my side too. The results from body firming products is always from the exercise and the product both combined. May be I will update you guys on fb or insta after finishing the bottle.

Silky Design Rouge :

IMG_4679Silky smooth and luminous, this versatile lip crayon nourish the lips with moisture.   After preparing lips with LIP BASE, outline the bow of upper lip and along the lower lip, then fill in.

A beautiful bright blue red colour which glides effortlessly on the lips. The shade is called “SOUBI”. It has a sheer coverage still you can built up the colour as you can see in the picture. The lip crayon is so moisturising on the lips like a lip balm and has a satin to glossy finish. It can be used as both lipstick and liner, Since the tip is small.

The packaging is so light and easy to use. Discover the red that’s right for you from six flattering shades inspired by the traditional reds of Japan – Soubi, Ebicha, Hiiro, Koubainioi, Beniukon, Nisemomoiro.

SENSAI products are available at Paris Gallery, Areej & Debenhams.

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