FILORGA Skincare – Review


When comes to skincare, I believe and use only organic or High end products. I never ever mess with my skin as it is already in a problematic state. I recently discovered the brand FILORGA, have been using it for 2 months and it’s totally worth every penny I spent.

FILORGA Scrub & Mask :

It is a Dual action exfoliating mask to reoxygenate and reveal new skin.

The mask comes in a plastic container, you have to press down the top part of the tub with both the thumbs to get the mask out. The mask looks like a light white gel, apply a thick layer of it onto the dry skin and gently massage in circular movements for 1 minute. once you stop, bubbles start to form that means that the mousse is retaining oxygen.

I love how it starts bubbling, it is so much fun for me 😀 The bubbles disappear after 10 minutes of time, then you can rinse of with water. While massaging, it will gently remove the dead cells to reveal soft skin. After rinsing, My pores looked tightened and my skin looked so smooth and fresh. This scrub or mask can be used on all skin types, once or twice a week.

Avoid exposing the treated area to sunlight after application of the product. If sun exposure is unavoidable, ensure that you apply an appropriate sun protection beforehand.

FILORGA Optim-Eyes :


This stuff is GREAT ! ❤

I am using this eye cream for a good two months now. It comes in a white bottle and looks light yellow in colour. It has very light weight creamy texture so you don’t have to put any effort to blend. You only need a very little amount for every use and it gets absorbed easily.

If you are a person who is in the mid 20’s and want to start your anti ageing eye cream, you should try this one because it has hyaluronic acid in it. I use it every night, so its assured that I don’t wake up with that bags in the morning. Seriously It worked great with puffiness even if you are sleeping late. you can use it under makeup in the morning too.

Just after using it for a month I started to notice that I use less concealer under my eyes. yes I did see great results with my dark circles too. Whenever I have got some important events/meetings to go, I store it in the refrigerator to optimise the lifting effect.

You can find FILORGA products at

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