Masking with 7th Heaven


I need many many masks to survive this summer ! Recently I came across with the 7th Heaven Masks, the first thing got my eyes are their affordable prices and they are cruelty free too

They have sheet masques and also normal face masks comes in tube. The First mask I tried is the Tea Tree sheet masque! As a person with acne prone skin, I love anything with tea tree. It helps a lot with acne. We got some new visitors on the face today and Tomorrow I have an Event to attend. We need to say bye bye to them, Yes! I am trying my level best till the last minute.

The mask feels so refreshing and has a minty cooling sensation. Also smells like mint. I loved the cooling sensation, my skin was so irritated with the summer in Dubai. The minty feeling was so soothing and relaxing. I kept the mask on for like 20 mins, after removing gently massaged for 2 mins and then washed off.



Ok now the Banana & Honey Masque, Guys this mask just feels like spreading creamy mashed banana on the face and it has also a very sweet smell. It is great for dry skin, As the name says this mask is full of bananas and honey which helps in adding moisturization, the lemon in it helps in brightening the dull skin.

Aloe Vera Face Spa, this is their recent addition to the sheet mask collection. The key ingredients are aloe vera and green tea, both are skin saviours. The mask smells minty and felt so refreshing. This would be a great match if you want to have a fresh and soft skin for applying makeup. Keep it on the face for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse.

Argan Oil Mud, the mask is infused with Argan oil, Rose hip oil and anti oxidant rich Acai berries. It looked light pink in colour and the pack is filled with a lot of mask, it is more than enough for 2 people. I spread a thin layer on the face, the mask dries in 10 minutes. Washing off is always hard as other mud masks. but loved the results. The mask is great for oily skin to absorb excess oil, deep cleanses and helps in removing dirt and dead skin.

Pulped Papaya Rescue Masque, This is also a new addition to their collection. The mask looks peachy in colour and have a strong sweet fruity scent. The smell stays till you shampoo next time, I kinda loved it. The amount of mask is enough for short to medium hair, you may need 2 packets for long hair. I seriously love this mask, I kept it on the hair for 5 minutes after shampoo (you can keep a little longer too). After then washed off.

It made my wavy hair slightly in the straighter side than before. The Key ingredients are coconut, papaya and avocado, they work great in adding moisturisation. My hair was moisturised and frizz free, I can totally rock my natural hair without any straightening. But I did, My hair was so sleek and shiny after that. I definitely repurchasing them and use it once a week.



Dead Sea Mud Pac :

Do you have acne prone or congested skin ? Yes ? Ok, Go and buy yourself this mud pack without a second thought. The mask looks light blue in colour and have a mint smell again. The mask dries hard and not at all hard to wash off like other mud masks.

Apply the mask and keep it for 20 mins and then wash off. It suits the best for the oily skin since after washing off the mask, my skin felt tight.  I did moisturised well after that all fine. It contains Kaolin clay, Dead sea mud, Dead sea salt and all that good stuff which is great in deep cleansing the pores by drawing out all the impurities, which eventually leads to the clean and soft skin. It can be used once a week for best results.

Cucumber Peel Off Mask :

Yay ! I have so much love for the peel off masks because no effort needed to wash off., you can just peel off.  The mask looks transparent and light green colour. Apply the mask on the face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes then peel off.  It has a very citrusy smell and gently pulls off the dirt, dead skin to reveal the fresh and bright skin. It has mainly cucumber and juiced lime, both gives such a refreshing feeling after. The mask is suitable for all skin types.


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