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A blogpost to share my #MoshiMoment with you all 🙂 They have all things momos and shushi ❤️ I snacked dozens of sushis there 😀

Last week I have been to the Moshi (named after Momo and Sushi 😀 ;)), Oud Metha branch to try their new summer menu. The Restaurant that offers both Nepalese and Japanese delicacies with a twist in a bright Orange atmosphere.

Moshi is also the first in Dubai to offer a wide variety of vegetarian momo and sushi. From Cheesy Chips Oman, to Tofu, to Falafel – They put together our favourite veggies into delectable momos and maki rolls. Furthermore, there is a healthier option of having your maki rolls as ‘Air Rolls’ which are rolled in lettuce, instead of the traditionally used seaweed paper.




Here’s their Summer menu (above picture).


I tried their Lotus Milkshake first, Actually It is a very popular drink from them. It is the most delicious drink you should not miss out. Even if you don’t like sushis, just go there and try this drink. Worry about the calories later 😀


Then their Strawberry drink which is also a famous one because of the way they serve it. The crushed mint and lemon in it feels so refreshing which makes it as a best drink for the Dubai’s Summer. The drink is being served in a glass bulb which is so cool.


Whatever comes in the White plate is vegetarian and in the black plate in non vegetarian. Sushi is served with pickled ginger and wasabi.

Here’s the “Valcano Roll”(above picture), The sticky rice is rolled with avocado and fried prawns covered with Japanese mayonnaise is placed on the top.


“Dhokla Maki” (above picture) is the one is specially made in Indian style with dhokla and mint. Seriously Don’t miss this one, I didn’t even shared a single sushi from this plate.


“Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos” – the non veg sushi is stuffed with chicken inside and topped with fried Cheetos. (right side one above picture)


“Sushi Burger” – This is something I haven’t seen before anywhere (at least me). It’s exactly the burger, not with the regular buns but with the Rice buns.


“Hotdog Maki” – It is rolled with avacado and chicken and my least favourite.



“Falafel Nigiri” (the one I’m pointing) – This was so so yummy. Just the fried falafel over the rice balls, a must try there!

“Chicken Chips Oman” – The sticky rice is rolled with chicken and cheese, covered with crispy Oman chips. My second favourite there.


Next to Falafel Nigiri is “Zaatar Labneh Maki”  – The sticky rice is rolled with Labneh, cucumber and mint, topped with olive.


Coming to everyone’s favourite part, The Dessert ❤ “Nutella Maki” -The best Nutella Roll is also a must try. “Peanut Butter Bars” – Peanut butter and Dark chocolate in a bar – A healthy and also a delicious option.

Now I am all set to try their momos 😀

Moshi have two branches – Al Barsha 1 and Oud Metha. You can also order online at or call 800-MOSHI.

Moshi - Momo & Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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