Save Your Skin This Summer with Oleva+ Masks


Sheet masks are the most relaxing thing ever! I just wear them, close my eyes and lie down under the fan or AC which gives the cooling effect. It helps in soothing the irritated skin during summer.

The mask expert OLEVA+ has launched their new mask range exclusively at Sephora Middle East like 2 months back. As a face mask lover, I needed to try this and I tried. So here’s the review beauties.

These OLEVA+ masks are totally suitable for those who travel a lot or if you want to witness instant effect and visible change! OLEVA+ sources the purest of raw materials in the world and produces luxurious masks for younger looking skin. This high-end skincare brand is aimed at decreasing aging of skin, OLEVA+ is 100% safe and easy to use.

OLEVA+ Anti-wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask : (The Black one)

The cellulose fiber comes from natural coconut meat after 14 days fermentation. The mask is heavily moisturised with the milky serum which is 5 Korea-patented essence – moisturizing, brightening, anti-wrinkle, repairing and soothing. ( who doesn’t love some Korean influence in skincare?)

There was much more essence infused than needed. I was like slathering it all over the hands and neck since I don’t want to waste the goodness of the essence 😀 Don’t judge me 😀 The mask was really moisturising and hydrated the skin to its best. After removing the mask, my skin felt so delicate and supple.

It is a fiber mask, that is 500 times finer than a non-woven mask. It is an anti-bacterial breathing mask, which is oxygen permeable and absorbs 3 times the essence, so it will be transmitting from epidermis to basal layer.

OLEVA+ Total Solution Bio-cellulose Eye Mask :

The Bio Cellulose Eye masks targets the 7 eye problems which is dryness, fine lines, pouches, dark circles, edema, slackness, and matte-tone of the eye area. It is the eye mask with a ‘Goggle’ style design to provide more care to the eyelids and fits to the eye contour better. The fiber is 500 times finer than a non-woven mask, so it helps transmit essence to the eye area effectively. It keeps the eye area hydrated and reveals radiance.


Jelly Juice Lips Masks are carefully designed lip masks for softer and a supple lips. It has a jelly texture and has the shape of lips, It is also covered with a hard plastic cover inside the pack. It is a great mask for the one suffers with chapped lips while wearing the matt lipsticks. Keep it on the lips for 5 mins, It hydrates the lips and helped in healing the dry chapped lips.

OLEVA+ BAMBOO MASK : (The Light Blue one) 

The mask is well moisturised and made with 100% Bamboo (extracted from natural bamboo fibre) which is the best savior for irritation and dryness. I left on the face for good 20 minutes, my skin felt so moisturised and nourished. The formula contains the extract of Bambusa Arundinacea, Purslane and Chamomile which soothes, rejuvenates and repairs damaged skin, smooth and glowing look. Comparing to the Bio cellulose mask, this is my my most favourite.

Price :

  • Anti Wrinkle Bio Cellulose Mask – AED 60.
  • Bio Cellulose Eye Mask – AED 37.
  • Bamboo Mask – AED 21
  • Lip Masks – AED 15.

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