Beating the summer with Jax Coco


Oh! Look at the delicious hamper from the Jax Coco ❤ They sell every possible thing you can get from coconut 😀


Not to mention the heat in Dubai, A temperature is rising everyday and now its almost feels like 50 degree celsius! Thanks to Jax Coco for their coconut products. I keep this bottle in my bag to survive this scorching heat.

Jax coco coconut water comes in a classic packaging which is a glass bottle ( I am a total sucker for glass bottles) and also in regular paper packaging. The coconut water is 100% pure with no artificial additives, sugar or preservatives. Every 100ml serves 20 calories – information for those who do dieting 😀 I drink this, sometime after the exercising to cool down the heat in the body and also replace it for the water in fruit juices. It also contains essential electrolytes to support rapid rehydration.


The coconut water also comes in chocolate flavour, I don’t mind having two of my favourite things in one bottle ❤


Jax coco not only stock coconut water, they also have coconut chips in different flavours. The chips are toasted ones not the fried version, so don’t worry fitness freaks. It is made of  nutritious flesh of hand cut coconuts, comes in 3 different flavours. They are perfect crunchy snack with a total calories of 120 😀


  • Coconut chips with chilli & lime – Slowly toasted to perfection with a hint of chilli and lime.
  • Coconut chips with wasabi – Slowly toasted to perfection with a pinch of wasabi.
  • Coconut chips with sea salt – This is my most favourite of all three, Tossed with a sprinkle of coconut sugar and sea salt.


The Jax coco chips are All natural, not fried, gluten free, 100% vegan, no preservatives, no artificial color or flavouring.


Except from the hydrating and snacking stuff, you can also find Organic extra virgin coconut oil from Jax coco. Oils always play a big part in my beauty and haircare routine as I always belong to them. Pure coconut oil is great for cooking too that adds a special flavour to food. As you know, coconut oil does have endless benefits!


You can order Jax coco products from In UAE, you can find them at Holland & Barrett.

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