Prax’s Dubai – Review

I have never thought that the food reviewing will be this hard until I do one. Because you cant eat the food until you take enough pictures (while drooling). and Yaayyyy ! to my first food review.

Bright lights, big city, towering skyscrapers, whooshing cars, enticing neon signs, the sizzling of a wok in a nearby night food market – these are the sights and sounds of the vibrant city of Shanghai that are brought to life at Prax’s.

Initially Prax’s only had their branch in Jumeirah, which is a small joint and have only outside dining, they said. During the day time, they offer home delivery around Jumeirah and also you can pick up food. Now they also successfully opened their second branch in I-rise tower, TECOM area. I visited the new branch last week to taste the yummiest Chinese cuisine.


I would like to talk about the food items in the order I liked them, So first is their Date and Caramel Dessert which costs only AED 14. It was aaamaazinggggggg, actually It had 3 layers of cream, dark chocolate and caramel, Topped with sprinkles of coffee and cake. I tell you, don’t miss this cup of deliciousness.


Then comes the Papaya Salad which is a best salad I had in recent times, I am not exaggerating. I hate salads but this one was little different, I loved the taste of tanginess in it. Topped with cherry tomatos and nuts. It costs AED 16.


Chilli Basil Beef Noodles – An equal mix of noodles with red onions, beans, beef, cabbage and spring onions. Actually I did asked mine to be less spicy, thats a big mistake. The noodles would be more tastier if I had let the chef to do his magic by making it spicier. It costs AED 34.


Chicken Siu Mai (AED  16) – The Dimsums comes as a pack of three, served with soya sauce and chilli sauce. Dimsums were perfectly cooked, loved having it with the chilli sauce.


Tom Yum Soup – This is my least favourite, the taste was a mix of sweetness, tanginess.  May be it is a better choice for kids because of mushrooms, chicken in it and also for the taste. But some of my friend’s said that this is their favourite one.

And they have the freestyle option to customise your food with Base, protein, Sauce and toppings according to your taste.

Oh yes ! I had to tell that I absolutely loved their packaging. As a take away lover, had to give a 5/5 rating for it. You can check out the locations and their menu from their online website – Praxs UAE

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