Topshop Makeup Haul  

I saw Topshop makeup for the first time in Dubai, I had no choice rather than buying it !


First I thought, I had to buy just for the packaging. But after swatching the shades and seeing the collection, I was totally wrong about the Topshop makeup. They have everything from concealer to bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, Nailpolish etc etc

Highlighter :


It comes in a white plastic packaging with cute little stars on it. There are 2 shades, Crescent moon and Horizon. Crescent moon is for lighter skin tones and Horizon is for deeper skin tones. O M G ! This highlighter is beating the sun 😀 This is a powdery highlighter and blends into the skin effortlessly. I buy highlighters but never use it. After getting this one, I’m bathing with this highlighter. If you have tan or medium skin tones, go swatch it on the store next time. It costs AED 95.

Lipstick :

The lipstick shade is called “Sashay Away” and it has the satin finish. A Pigmented, creamy formula glides on the lips and feels glossy. I make it matt with the translucent powder. This shade looks great on every skin tone. It costs AED 75.

Lip Bullet :

The Lip Bullet shade is called “Get Me Bodied” and it has the matte finish. I generally love berry, burgundy shades, those are the shades I get attracted to easily. The shade is really pigmented as you see and very creamy. It transfers to mugs when I drink something, I don’t mind touching up this beautiful shade again. The formula is not drying on my lips, I always do scrub my lips before matt lipsticks. It costs AED 75.

From Top to Bottom – Sashay Away, Get Me Bodied, Horizon.

35 thoughts on “Topshop Makeup Haul  

  1. thank for this, i love topshop and now i will def checkout the makeup since you described these so well. Check out my blog and give me feedback when you get the chance 🙂

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  2. I used to absolutely adore Topshop makeup when I was a bit younger but it kind of fell of my radar in the past few years. I’ll definitely pop in and have a look at their lipsticks now though, looks like they have some beautiful shades! xx

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