Hydropeptide Deep Cleansing Facial – A Miracle Treatment


Thank you NStyle Lounge for giving my skin some much needed TLC with the Hydropeptide facial.

NStyle Beauty Lounge recently launched its new range of Hydropeptide facials in stores across UAE in association with Hydropeptide, the leaders in peptide skin care science.

Hydropeptide is globally popular for its peptide care products and effective results. Its success in creating unique patented skin care technology has been recognized by leading beauty voices around the world. Studies show that there is visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles within 6 weeks, on application of Hydropeptide products.

This treatment option provides the perfect solution for fixing the most common age-related skin problems like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, skin redness and hyperpigmentation.

There are over three varieties of Hydropeptide facials to choose from, can select the ultimate facial treatment catered to our specific needs. I selected the one for the oily, congested skin and hyper pigmentation problem. After I got cured from my acne problem, now it’s time to remove the traces left behind. Stubborn hyper pigmentation from the battle with acne for the past 1 and half year, It’s a nightmare 😦


These are the products have been used for the (oily skin)facial. The facial is started by removing my makeup with the cleansing gel, then the exfoliating cleanser to remove deal skin along with the left over makeup, then the Clarifying toner to maintain the ph level and also to close the pores.

The staff who done my facial was so friendly and kind ❤  She cleaned my face after the cleanser and exfoliator with a exfoliating sponge.  It was so irritating and felt like my skin was burning, my cheeks became reddish in colour. I got panicked and asked her to use some cotton or soft towel instead of the exfoliating sponge. After that she used the towel, then my skin was all fine 🙂

Then she used the vitamin C peel and the Eye cream and let it for some time. After removing it, she used the firming moisturiser on all over my face, neck, hands and gave me a very good massage. Trust me it was the best part and it was so relaxing !

Then comes to the second best part, The purifying mask. As soon as she started to spread the mask on my face, It felt so chill and calming for the exfoliated skin. Washed off after 15 minutes, and then she continued with the toner, moisturiser, serum, spf and lip balm which has a tingling effect and helps in plumping.  We are done !

I have to say My skin felt so so dry from the next day on the areas of hyper pigmentation. but whenever I used my Pixi Toner or an gentle exfoliator, it removed the dead skin caused because of too much dryness. 60 % of the hyper pigmentation is got removed as dead skin. It’s been a week, Now my skin feels rejuvenated and is not very oily or very dry. I still wonder, How could these things happen just with a one facial ? But I am happy that things turned out well.

The extensive range of Hydropeptide products is now available at NStyle Beauty Lounge across UAE.

At the onset of summer, book yourself for a younger, rejuvenated and visible brighter you. For more information, check out their website : http://www.nstyleintl.com or book by calling 800 NStyle (678953).

( I am sorry for the bad pictures because I forgot to bring my camera and there was no enough lighting )

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