Natural Skincare Haul


You may not know, I started to use natural/organic skincare products. I am taking baby steps to turn completely natural.

Recently I came across a Online website called , a online Boutique of only organic/natural products for hair and skin. After came to know about the website, I had to buy some skincare. They also had a online assistant who helped me in selecting products according to my skin type and needs. Finally I am happy with my selection. They also have natural deodarants, I forgot to add it in my basket 😦


All the brands I got from them are quite new to me except the brand REN. I got,

  • VIDALOE Natural Aloe Vera gel – Vidaloe is a spanish brand, they provide all skincare products infused with Aloe vera from their own grown farm. It is 98% pure Aloe vera gel which is ideal after sun exposure, waxing, shaving, or eczema and other skin disorders. Aloe vera gel is a must in my skincare shelf.
  • BIOKOSMA Regulating 24h Cream – Biokosma is a swiss brand, makes modern skincare products with selected plant ingredients. The 24 hr cream is low in oil content which great for oily skin to provide enough moisturization and regulate the sebum level.
  • REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash – The body wash is free from sulphates. Yayyy for that ! I love the Rose fragrance which is very calming and it is infused with essential oils.
  • MONA Luxurious Argan Soap – I wanted to try a soap/cleanser which is not drying out the skin. Since the Argan oil for face has helped me so much, I am excited for this Argan soap which is handmade with only natural ingredients and chemical free.
  • ORIGINAL SPROUT Miracle Detangler – I am very much excited for this one, I got the sample size which was only 20 AED. If it works, I will buy the full size which is 65 AED. Who can hate easy detangling with the product contains only natural ingredients. do deliver within 48 hours across the UAE. The free shipping is for the orders above 150 AED. For the orders below 150 AED, They do deliver with the shipping fee of 20 AED. But they do free delivery for all the orders across UAE till the end of JULY. They also do have some kind of promotion every month, This is one of them 🙂

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