Hi Impact Brows – Review


Hi Impact Brows is the all-in-one multitasking eye and brow palette that let’s you create salon perfect brows and countless eye makeup looks. One sleek palette for all hair colors and skin tones that fills in sparse areas to create the perfect shape that lasts.


The shades from left to right : Ash, Spice, Mocha, Charcoal. You can use this as an eyebrow perfector, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

It comes in a sleek, glossy black compact palette with a mirror and a brush, which is not too small to use. It’s good to use on the go, no need to carry a separate brush. The palette contains four powder shades ranging from light neutral to dark charcoal. The packaging and the palette is perfect for travelling to carry less products by having this multi purpose palette.

The different shades and tones make it easy to mix and match to get a perfect match for your eyebrows. The powder is highly pigmented and very easy to blend. A little goes a very long way and stays all day long.

I use the first and third shade for eyebrows, first three shades as eye shadows for a natural look. Last shade charcoal as eyeliner. If you have fairer skin tone, you can use the first three shades as a bronzer or for contour.


Tips & Tricks for a great eye contour :

Step 1 – Start by applying your favourite eye primer to create an even base. Tip: Apply a highlighter to the brow bone to create an instant eyelift

Step 2 – Apply the shade Ash with a shadow brush. Gently blend into the crease of your eye and outward to cover the entire lid

Step 3 – Add definition by applying the shade Spice with a tapered brush to get close application to the top lash line. Only blend Spice on the outer two-thirds of the eyelid then sweep the brush upwards in an arching motion from the corner of the eye into the crease. This will blend both colours seamlessly so that no harsh lines are visible

Step 4 – Intensify your look with the shade Mocha, blend into the outer crease of your eye to really open the eye and intensify to a defined smoky, contoured eye

Step 5 – Finish off your contoured eye with your favourite eyeliner to open and brighten the eyes – avoid the inner corners Tip; you can use the shade Charcoal for a sultry powdered eyeliner look

If you don’t use wax like me and just rely on powders to fill your brows, this is what you need. You can find Hi Impact Brows Palette at Sephora and Tip & Toes Middle east, costs AED 130.

12 thoughts on “Hi Impact Brows – Review

  1. Loved this post, such helpful tips and great photos!

    Would love to hear from you on my most recent post about my weight-loss journey!

    <3, Hannah

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