Morphe 35T Palette – Swatches & Review


You need this palette in your life !

Most of the women in the makeup world will be having this palette by now. This post just a alarm for the ones who don’t own it still now.

If you ask me, This is the most beautiful palette in the Morphe Collection. I have got this palette during February as my birthday gift but totally forgot to use it. I am glad that I found it now.

It comes in a very sleek plastic packaging with 5 rows and 35 taupe shades. There are like 7 mat shades and rest of the shades are satin and mostly glittery. I love all the shades especially the glittery ones, This has been my everyday palette nowadays. In most of the palettes we buy, at least a single colour that we don’t like/use will be there. but that’s not the case in this palette.

The shades are highly pigmented, so soft and smooth. The mat ones looks less pigmented in the picture as the glittery ones are more vibrant and The shadows stays for a longer time. If you looking for a eyeshadow palette without breaking the bank or If you are starter and looking for a palette to have good choice of colours, This is the palette you need. If you have sensitive eyes, checkout the ingredients first.

So enough of my ramblings, Just check out the swatches and it’s gorgeousness.

First Row :


Second Row :


Third Row :


Fourth Row :


Fifth Row :


21 thoughts on “Morphe 35T Palette – Swatches & Review

  1. PERFECT palette for everyday glam. I work in a financial institution so on work days I do my makeup very day time appropriate & try to keep it very neutral, I use this palette every single day. I have hit pan on so many shadows I need to repurchase it.

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