Rimmel New Super Gel Nail Colours


Rimmel Introduces New Super Gel, a Patented Two-Step Gel Colour System For Salon-Style Nails.

Hands up for a gel mani! No time or money to go to a salon? No problem! Rimmel introduces new Super Gel nail polish, an exclusive two-step system that lasts for up to 14 days. Easy to apply, it dries like a regular nail polish, no UV lamps needed! Get a flawless glossy finish with a 3D volume of a professional gel manicure… without the mess, the salon time or the empty purse, and without damaging your nails. Say yes to super gel power.

Super Gel has a patented Gel Colour System that uses natural light curing technology to deliver high-shine nails in the comfort of your own home.

Step One: Apply two coats of the Super Gel colour. The built-in base coat means there’s no need to prep nails to achieve a salon-perfect finish.

Step Two: Activate the self-curing process with the Super Gel top coat – natural light does the rest. There’s no hanging around for hours; it dries quickly, like regular nail polish. And when you’re ready for a new shade, just use regular nail polish remover to lift-off the gel colour without soaking. So easy!

012 Soul Session Created by Kate, a beautiful Nude shade. Just go and buy yourself one, you will definitely love it.

025 Urban Purple, a pink shade. It will extra gorgeous on fairer skin tones.

Get the coolest new shades, from nudes to bolds. Choose from 15 shades, including 9 designed by Kate Moss – look out for her signature on the bottle. The line-up features chic neutrals, punchy pinks, zesty corals, rich reds, vibrant aquas and glam dark hues.

To differentiate the two steps, the colour comes in a glass bottle topped with a tall black lid that’s clearly emblazoned with ‘Step 1’, whilst the top coat is presented in a sleek black bottle with a purple lid that says ‘Step 2’. So that you have everything to hand, 13 of the shades are available as part of a boxed duo set with the top coat.

The Collection has 15 shades and 1 top coat,

  • NUDES – 012 Soul Session By Kate, 013 Bare Hug
  • PINKS – 021 New Romantic By Kate, 022 Angel Wing, 024 Red Ginger By Kate, 025 Urban Purple
  • CORALS – 031 Perfect Posy By Kate, 034 Hip Hop By Kate
  • REDS – 041 Darling Dahlia By Kate, 042 Rock N Roll By Kate, 043 Venus
  • GREEN – 051 Shallow Bay By Kate
  • BLUE – 052 Blue Babe By Kate
  • DARKS – 061 Seduce, 062 Punk Rock

Price: 29AED
Point of Sales: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

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