OPI – New Orleans Collection


OPI Launches New Orleans Collection featuring twelve new shades for spring 2016.

From the filigreed iron of its balconies to the jazz and jambalaya that permeate its air, New Orleans personifies grace, gumption and joie de vivre. The city’s indomitable spirit is the inspiration for OPI’s spring 2016 collection.

New Orleans Collection by OPI features 12 gorgeous new nail lacquers and matching GelColors. Sweet, spicy, soulful and vibrant, the palette is perfect for a town where parades pop up everywhere, and dancing in the streets is de rigueur.

“The colors of New Orleans are more vibrant than ever, and We celebrate them wholeheartedly with our spring collection,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador.  “New Orleans is a place to recharge and revel.   One where the atmosphere is delightfully diverse, where the food is epic and where music feeds the soul.   We hope we’ve bottled up a little of that special NOLA culture, all while supporting the city’s remarkable renaissance.”

I Manicure for Beads
Rich Girls & Po-Boys

New Orleans Collection by OPI includes the following shades in both nail lacquer and GelColor formulas:

  • Let Me Bayou a Drink – This refreshing blush pink is my treat.
  • Humid-Tea – Beat the heat in this nude shimmer.
  • Suzi Nails New Orleans – This light, bright pink hits the spot for chic.
  • I Manicure for Beads – Throw me nothing but this luscious purple crème!
  • Spare Me a French Quarter? – Say oui-oui to this mellowed raspberry crème.
  • She’s a Bad Muffuletta! – Don’t mess with this hot red crème!
  • Got Myself into a Jam-balaya – A yummy mélange of spice and creamy peach.
  • Crawfishin’ for a Compliment – This light, creamy orange is perfect on me, isn’t it?
  • Take a Right on Bourbon – An intoxicatingly, warm metallic pewter.
  • I’m Sooo Swamped! – This verdant, creamy green is drenched in style.
  • Rich Girls & Po-Boys – Make a date with this china blue crème.
  • Show Us Your Tips! – Let’s see how this periwinkle shimmer looks on you.

All OPI nail lacquers costs AED 49.

Point of Sales – Wojooh, http://www.wojooh.com, Lifestyle, Sephora and all major nail salons.


8 thoughts on “OPI – New Orleans Collection

  1. OK…this is the 2nd time I’ve seen OPI here, and have seen in the drugstore a zillion times. I’m going to it because you seem to love it. I love the more conservative colors, but I’m sensing the product provides value.

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