KX Cosmetics Brow Powder


Meet the cute tiny jar which can make your brows perfect !

KX Cosmetics is the one stop shop for all things brows.

The Brow powder is super pigmented, very fine, soft and smooth. A very little amount needed for every use. It gives the very natural brows which is what i prefer. I use it with the zoeva angled brush. The powder is Water resistant and contains no mineral oil.

The Brow Powder is available in 10 shades. The Shade i have chosen for me is Dark brown which is a warm rich chocolate brown. The shade will be suitable for tan skin tones with black eyebrow hair. It was just perfect, not too harsh or lighter.

How to select right shade : For natural looking brows, select a powder 1 shade lighter than your hair for people with Dark Colored Hair. For those with Light Colored Hair, select a powder 1-2 darker to fill and shape the brow.

How to Use : Use short, light strokes to fill in brows and gradually add more powder until brow is completely filled. Use concealer to clean up any excess powder around the brow.

KX Brow Powder (3g) costs $15 and they do ship Internationally.  For more details check out their WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM Page.

I am really bad at taking pictures of myself, So i had to crop out some snapchat selfies of when i used the brow powder. ( Sorry for the Bad quality of photos )

One thought on “KX Cosmetics Brow Powder

  1. Great information. How do you feel about the whole contouring process? Do you have a brand that you prefer if you do this? I am old school but have recently been finding out new information on the whole makeup process. Would love to hear what you think.


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