MAXON Soft White Serum – Review

When it comes to skincare, i love to try different products because you don’t know which one is going to save your skin in more better way !

This age-defying serum features a powerful blend of fruit acids, aloe vera and natural skin brighteners that renews, revitalises and refreshes your skin. Its gentle yet powerful ingredients deliver outstanding results.

The MaxOn soft white Serum comes in a 30 ml white colour bottle with a in built pump. It looked transparent and has a watery consistency. Take one pump of it and spread a thin layer all over the face and massage. It gets absorbed in no time like 10 seconds but slightly sticky for sometime after you apply.

I have been using this serum for more than 3 weeks now. Every night I use a drying lotion which is prescribed by doctor, it makes my skin flakey in the next morning. So i don’t forget to use this serum in my morning skincare routine, it removes the dead skin cells to reveal the healthy skin. It Can also be used on the back of hands or chest. Avoid the sun directly after applying the serum.

Since my skin type is oily, i don’t really use serums in the morning. but this one is oil free and quickly absorbed into the skin. As a Person with acne prone skin, acne spots are something which can’t be avoided. It really helped in fading my scars within a week time.

It is Artificial color and fragrance free. Max On products available in major Pharmacies.

For more information, checkout their social pages – MAXON INSTAGRAM , MAXON FACEBOOK

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