Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate -Review

Claims :

Regenerates, restores, and replenishes skin for smoother, healthier skin. Works with the skin’s natural nocturnal activity – when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors – to dramatically restore skin

How to Use :

Apply 2-3 drops of treatment on cleansed skin. Gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead, and chin to evenly distribute the application before gently massaging it into the skin. Can wear alone or under moisturizer.

It comes in a Beautiful Blue packaging, 50 ml glass bottle with a dropper. Totally not a travel friendly version, There is a leaking problem too. Coming to the product, it’s a very light weight oil but extremely moisturising. The oil looks clear and have a pleasant flowery fragrance. It is 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free. I use only 2 to 3 drops, My oily skin could not absorb if i use more than that, lead to breakouts sometimes. I use it only in the evening.

I would say, this is not a overnight miracle product that do wonders instantly but it works with the time. If you use 2 to 3 drops, it get absorbed into the skin easily.  I had dry skin when i got this, unfortunately i started to use this recently. I am using it for more than 2 months now, still it haven’t reached the half full bottle state yet. If you are looking for a product which keeps your skin moisturised, smooth and supple, this is the one for you. This in not a product for acne or scar issues. If you are looking for something that fades acne scars, you should try their clearly dark spot corrective lotion.

I bought it for like 200 plus AED, don’t really remember the exact price !

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