My New Favourite Primer

GOSH – Foundation Primer CLASSIC

Primers are must in my beauty routine because of the uneven skin tone  caused by acne. Gosh primer has become my favorite in a very little time. The brand Gosh uses many natural ingredients in their makeup.

The primer fills in fine lines and deep pores in the skin, creating a uniform, matt and silky soft surface, enabling the easy and smooth application of foundation. The primer can be used after daily moisturiser or on clean skin.


The primer comes in a (30 ml) simple packaging, transparent plastic bottle with a black cap. The bottle also comes with a dispensing pump. It has the pumping system, that the bottom moves upward after every use so you will get till the last bit. There will be no wastage. The primer looks clear and has a gel consistency. It has no fragrance. You will need only one pump to correct your skin. I love how it evens the uneven surface so easily. It felt so velvety on the skin.

It blurs the imperfections and perfect the pores and fine lines. It gives you a perfect base for your makeup and gives a flawless finish. It will suit normal skin more better than oily skin type because there is no oil control thing in this primer. I started to get oily after 3 hours.The formula is perfume and preservative free.

If you are looking for a primer to get a smooth base for a affordable price, this would be the best fit for you.

Point of Sales : Boots, Lifestyle Stores

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