Deborah Milano Makeup Review and Swatches

I haven’t tried any Deborah Milano products before, This is the first time I am trying this brand. The Shades really caught my eyes which i thought that would be perfect for the Valentines day (I don’t wear Reds).

Natural Effect Blush : 

Natural Blush is enriched with precious gem dust: Amethyst,Mother-of-Pearl, Coral, Tourmaline, Amber, Jade and Ruby. Precious gems are bursting with the minerals and trace elements that skin needs, and are especially gentle on sensitive skin types.

  • Formulated to minimise allergic risks.

It comes in a unusual plastic packaging with a clear lid which is good to see the shade of the blush. It also comes with the brush which is too small to put a blush on, that always happens with the brush comes with any makeup product. I loved the effect on the blush.

The Natural Blush comes in 6 shades – 01 Chocolate, 02 Rose, 03 Peach, 04 Spicy, 05 Cherry, 06 Mahogany. The shade i got is 06 Mahogany. This shade will medium to most dark skin tones. The product is finally milled and has very tiny glitters in it but it doesn’t show off on the skin once you blend. It is really pigmented too, as always swirl ur brush and tap off the excess to not to look as a joker. I really liked the colour of the blush on my skin tone ( I’m NC 44 ), It’s sometimes hard to find a shade that suits our skin tone. It lasts on my oily skin like more than 4 hours.

 Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick :

The liquid lipstick is double sided, it has the lipstick in one side and the gloss on the other side. It comes in 8 shades such as chic nude shades, classic sophisticated reds, preppy pink or deep, dark, vampiresque hues. The shade i got is No 03 Rossetto.

STEP 1: apply the base colour to clean lips and wait until the product is no longer moist.

STEP 2: apply the hydrating top coat. Remove lipstick using the dual-phase remover.

The lipstick is Super pigmented and has a matte finish, Most importantly it’s Paraben free. It doesn’t transfer to the mugs or smudge the whole time i was wearing. It will be drying as other liquid lipsticks is that why the gloss on the other side is provided. The emollient clear gloss gives a hydrating lustrous finish. The brush applicator picks up the ideal amount of product and releases it perfectly. The lipstick is really a long wearing formula but it’s hard to remove, it cannot be removed with normal makeup remover. Certainly you will need a oil based cleanser.

The lipstick stayed on me for like 5 hours but i am sure it will stay all day 🙂


You can find DEBORAH MILANO Products in Lifestyle stores.

2 thoughts on “Deborah Milano Makeup Review and Swatches

  1. Good review! Loved reading it because I haven’t tried out anything from Deborah Milano before, although they have the brand here in Belgian stores! Definitely trying it out now 🙂

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