Derma E – Very Clear Acne Cleanser Review

Some time back i got to try the Very Clear Moisturiser from Derma E and some samples of acne cleanser which worked pretty good for my skin so I went ahead and bought the full size.

If you already read some of my previous posts, you know i have oily, acne prone skin. since the Moisturiser has helped me, i have good hopes on this cleanser too. Actually the moisturiser lasts for a long time. As it is a thick cream, you will need only a little amount for every use.

About the Range:

The Very clear range is formulated for Oily, Acne prone skin types.

The Very Clear skincare system helps optimize skin clarity by cleansing pore-clogging dirt and blemish-causing bacteria while restoring clean hydration. formulas utilize a unique anti-blemish complex that has been proven as effective as an over-the-counter remedy . skin will appear fresh and healthy, not stripped, flaky or irritated as with other harsher treatments.

This range includes Moisturiser, Acne Cleanser, Acne Scrub, Acne Spot Treatment, Oil-Free Acne Wipes.

The Cleanser and the moisturiser are the best selling products in the range.

Now coming to the Cleanser, it has a clear, liquid consistency . It comes in a 175 ml White plastic bottle with a pump. The pump dispenses the cleanser for 4 washes 😀  half pump is more than enough for one wash.

I am using it twice a day for a month now. The cleanser don’t lather up so much. It has some of the natural ingredients such as Tea tree and Willow bark which is very effective for blemish prone skin and also has 2% Salicylic acid as a active ingredient, that is a great acne fighter. I love how it removes the oiliness in my skin without making it over dry. It has a  tea tree smell but that doesn’t bother me much, anyway the smell does not linger after washing. I do get regular break outs, after started using the cleanser it helped in preventing break outs by removing acne causing bacteria and built up oil.

As already these two products has worked out for my Acne prone skin, now i am on the mission to try the other products in the Range.

The Cleanser costs 110 AED. Available in Boot and Major Pharmacies.

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