Bourjois Lash Beauty Guide – New Mascaras

I don’t wear False lashes most of the time. For a real lazy person like, mascara is a lifesaver and no one can skip wearing mascara in their makeup routine. Bourjois introduced its Lash beauty guide that includes four new mascaras in the end 2015.

Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara :


if you’re planning on painting the town red and are looking for bold, dark and gorgeous lashes – this is your match! This mascara’s formula is enriched in intense black mineral pigments to give you a darker, bolder “Femme Fatale” look.

It costs 69 AED.

Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara :

looking for high definition lashes? If so, this mascara is made for you as its intense volume is combined with high definition, for maximum lashes and mascara perfection… Thanks to its technological brush with over 500 bristles and maxi volume formula, Volume Glamour Max Definition offers lashes with an intense black finish, extraordinary precision and flawless, clump-free wear for up to 16 hours. This one is especially perfect for ladies with thin lashes. This is definitely your best friend for every day wear!

It costs 69 AED.

Volume Glamour Max Mascara :

Bringing new dimensions to the brand’s top selling mascara with its oversized everything! This mascara lives life to the max with it’s full-contact brush, maximum effect formula, incredible maxi results, 10X more volume and 16 hour stay. Glamour guaranteed! The mascara has an incredible XXL size brush with a specific rounded shape, guaranteeing maximum contact with the lashes and perfect lash to lash coating. One of the most cherished features of this mascara is it’s ultra-soft brush with subtle, smoothing and generous fibres that coats the lashes evenly from root to tip for maximum volume. Your lashes have never looked so glamorous, dense and volumized!

It costs 69 AED.

You Can find Bourjois products in Wojooh, Lifestyle, Max, Boots.

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