Murad Products – Review.


Hello Beautiful,

These Murad Products are from their acne clearing range.  Their Clarifying and Essential-C range was on my Wishlist to try. so after using it for like 2 weeks, here’s the Review :


This Clarifying Cleanser is suggested for blemish prone skin as it reduces and prevents future breakouts.. I first dampen my skin, squeeze out some amount of cleanser  and massage to cleanse away all the dirt. I am using it for two weeks now and I would say this is one of the best cleansers for acne prone skin.

You need a little amount of cleanser and it foams up slightly. While massaging the cleanser, it felt cool. The Antioxidant green tea extract and menthol, calm and cool the inflamed skin.

After started using this cleanser,i can notice reduction of breakouts and it calms down the inflammation. this is my most liked product in this range.

The 200ml size tube costs 160 Dhs.



Blemish clearing solution has the very light creamy consistency. After washing my face with clarifying cleanser, i take some good amount of the product and massage it all over the face and neck.This is a tiny sample size pack, it was there less than a week or i have a big face lol ! I used it morning and night.

I had no irritation problem while using and the lotion was very gentle on my skin. It has 0.5% salicylic acid and queen of meadow extract that helps exfoliate and keep pores clear. This serum is a blend of  tea tree oil and essential vitamins to soothe irritated skin. It is not a overnight miracle product but after few days of using this, i can see overall improvement in my skin and it dries out the outer surface of pimples.





The best about this moisturiser is it has sunscreen!!! yes!! I always tend to forget applying sunscreen. when i remember to apply, i worry about the white cast it gives. so i don’t wear even when i remember 😉

This is the oil-control mattifier is a shine reducing moisturiser so you don’t look oily like when using other moisturisers. It helps regulate oil production, I use this moisturiser alone when i go out or under makeup. A little effort needed to massage the moisturiser into the skin. It has a weird smell at first and it will go away in minutes. It claims to control oil unto 8 hours but i dint feel like that. Lets be real nothing can keep oily skin mat for longer time.

As it contains willow bark extract and Argan Extract, that prevents breakouts and gives softer skin

The 60 ml size tube costs 200 Dhs.


Once Applied !
After few seconds !


It comes in a tube, you don need to dig your fingers into the tub. I always love to have masks in tube, i felt that would be hygenic.

It has 4.0% sulfur as the active ingredient. the mask is a thick cream and white in colour. I use it once a week as prescribed on the pack. I used it after washing my face with the clarifying cleanser and spread a even layer all over the face. I let it for like 15 mins till it dries up. It dries up like clay mask. It does have the sulphur smell, that was bothering me.

I wash it with warm water or with wash cloth. after washing, my skin felt lil tight but looks very refreshed. and after the second use, i noticed it draws out the impurities from my congested skin, my white heads also disappeared.  Kaolin clay regulates oil production and reduces shine. Definitely i will try to buy the full size of this one.

The 75ml tube costs 199 Dhs.




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