As you can see this moisturizer is from the Very Clear range. This Range is specially formulated for oily or blemish prone skin types. yayyy ! that is exactly my skin type.

About the Range:

The Very Clear skincare system helps optimize skin clarity by cleansing pore-clogging dirt and blemish-causing bacteria while restoring clean hydration. formulas utilize a unique anti-blemish complex that has been proven as effective as an over-the-counter remedy . skin will appear fresh and healthy, not stripped, flaky or irritated as with other harsher treatments.

This Very clear range includes Moisturizer, Acne Cleanser, Acne Scrub, Acne Spot Treatment, Oil-Free Acne Wipes.

Product Description:

Day or Night, helps clear and prevent breakouts while reducing redness and irritation with this skin-balancing formula. Oily, Blemish-prone skin needs extra help balancing skin oils and replenishing nutrients for clear, healthy looking skin. with an Anti-blemish complex of natural ingredients shown to be very effective on blemish-prone skin. This formula delivers natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties promoting  healthy, smooth and clearer skin. Regular use can help balance your complexion and your skin’s own oil producing capabilities to help reduce the occurrence of breakouts. This gentle moisturizer will help rebalance skin for a softer, smoother, more normalized complexion.

It has some great Ingredients like Salicylic acid, Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Rose Wood, Lavender, Chamomile.

Thoughts about this product :

At first i was not sure about this product because i do have oily skin and cream moisturisers tend to break me out. i was very scared to use it for the first time, as already i am suffering from acne problem and don’t want to get into trouble. But thank god and also Derma E, I tried it and its a god sent for my horrible face.

I have had no acne in my life  but i started to get terrible onset of acne during last summer. I tried everything from traditional methods to every acne treatment creams to get my skin clear. i still continued to get daily breakouts and  was not able to go out without makeup.

This is a very thick cream and white in colour, has a strong scent of tea tree but it will go away after like 5 minutes. scoop a small amount and apply to your face & neck. it won’t be oily once it get absorbed it will give a mat look to you skin. you can use it before applying makeup too.

I was not thinking about writing a review till i started to see results. i used it for more than 3 weeks and twice a day as far now. My skin liked it so much. Its really clearing up my Hyperpigmentation  and i am not getting daily breakouts as before.Even my Husband and Mom(them only seen my bare face) noticed the difference in my skin and asked me about what i am doing. Now i am pretty confident about my bare face and going out without makeup. I do use any type of mud mask every week since it is a thick cream.

I used it with the Acne Cleanser from the same range, it contains 2% salicylic acid. so far so good but i used only samples, i can’t really talk so much about it.

The moisturizer costs 155 Dhs ( 56 g ) and Available in major Pharmacies.

Bye Bye Painful Acne Monsters ! Thank you Derma E !



  1. Hey Lovely ! Thank you 🙂 Yes it worked for me for scars, you have to use lil amount.I remember when i used lil extra to get faster results 😀 , i got pimples may be because its a thick cream. xo


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