Empties :



Product Description:

This rich and creamy body butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains community fair trade shea butter and has a delicate white floral scent. 24-hr hydration great for normal to dry skin.

I personally love body shop body butters. It comes in a round plastic tub not in a pump type bottle. you have to dip your fingers inside to take out the product.

I used this last winter and a little bit was left and finished that now. I really loved the smell, may be strong for some people and it moisturised my skin all day. the smooth creamy texture gets easily absorbed in to the skin and a very little amount needed.





Nuxe is a french brand and i always fall for french brands. I bought this tub when i had dry skin and needed immense moisture. It has a strong but good scent. It contains 91% natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Salicornia, White Almond and Orange Blossom.

This one is 50ml and It comes in a strong plastic container and travel friendly.


it adds great moisturization to the skin and make it looks Healthy.  It is great for dry to very dry skin.

It has no parabens and non comedogenic.


It has been a greatest disaster to my skin 😦 after hearing so much hype, product benefits such as

100% Natural Exfoliants

Sulfate Free

Paraben free

Does not Contains Animal Ingredients

Dermatologist Tested


saw these in boots for the first time and it was only 20 Dhs. I had to get it ! I have pretty sensitive skin (and dry skin when i used that scrub) . i found it is drying and very harsh for my skin. I used it for like two weeks that is only thrice. thats where my acne problem started. Many people like it but not my skin. It may work very good for you, depends on your skin type.

Anyway i don’t want to waste the product so used as a exfoliant for my body. I don’t like the smell of the scrub too. Heard that the green tea scrub is too good but i couldn’t find that in uae.

4 thoughts on “SKINCARE EMPTIES #1

  1. i love body shop products i never use a so moisturising butter before and i’m happy i stumble on it. i really like moringa but since i’m so curious i tested satsuma and currently i’m using blueberry. i find satsuma and moringa more interesting so i will have to come back to it. i wrote something about it but in french 🙂

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